A few DOs & DON'Ts that enables us to provide you the best of the class Spa Hospitality -

If you're new to the spa scene or haven't experienced Toüché's Royal Spa Hospitatity, here are a few tips to help you make the most of your time: 

1. Book your spa visit prior to your visit, to avoid disappointment. 

2. If you prefer a male or female therapist, state your request when you book your treatment. Don't be shy. If you're a female and you prefer a female therapist say so. That goes for men too. Spa treatments are strictly therapeutic in nature. Some men prefer females, others prefer males. To most spa-goers it doesn't matter, but it's entirely up to the individual. Pressure required, treatment type & personal comfort level are the deciding factors.

3. Take the time to arrive early (20 to 30 minutes prior at the very least). Certain treatments, massages for instance, require that you fill out a medical questionnaire. You'll also need time to change and time for a quick tour. You may also want time to enjoy a few of the extras (such as steam room, relaxation room) before your treatment. The treatment will also be more effective if you allow yourself time to relax and enjoy the entire experience.

4. We provide you with a robe & slippers and bathroom amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, hair dryers.

5. Make a trip to the loo prior to a service. You don't want the treatment to be interrupted by the call-of-nature.

6. If you're concerned about what to wear under the robe, don't be. We offer disposable underwear just for that purpose. Our professional spa therapists are taught special draping techniques and the only part of the body exposed at one time is the part being worked on. So don't worry about lying there stark naked and feeling exposed because most of the time you're covered by a combination of sheets and towels. Another thing that new spa-goers may not realize is that a therapist will usually leave the room to allow you privacy to remove your robe and hop onto the treatment table, and vice versa at the end of the treatment. So relax. Our professional therapists do everything in their power to make a client feel comfortable and worry free during a treatment.

Bear in mind that even though a facial concentrates on the face, it’s customary to take off everything from the waist up. There are bonuses to be had. The treatment can also include treats for the scalp, neck, and shoulders.  

7. The Rub Down
“Do you do specials?” is not on the menu. So, don’t ask. Therapists perform many relaxing tasks but ‘you know what’ or the like is not one of them.
The hand massage is not an invitation to hold hands, it’s not a date and you’re not twelve.

*** We employ a strict zero tolerance policy against sexual misconduct of any Kind.

Should an awkward situation, ahem, arise then there’s no need to panic. These things happen. Think about your tax return, mother-in-law or Mamata Bannerjee and all should return to normal in no time. We promise there will be no pointing, staring or public acknowledgement.

8. Let the therapist know about your aches, pains, areas that need attention.
Let your therapist know if the water in a therapeutic bath is too hot, the massage pressure is too hard, the wrap is claustrophobic, or anything else that makes you feel uncomfortable. They won't know unless you tell them.  

9. Some spa guests will talk and ask questions during a treatment, others won't. It's up to you to decide what's best for you. As a general advice, it is much better to let go of yourself to have an immersive spa experience.

10. Don't worry about falling asleep on the therapy table. It's the key to ultimate relaxation.  

11. While a 15 to 20 per-cent tip is customary, sometimes, especially if you're buying a package. Tips can be personally given to the therapist after the therapy or can be added to the total on a credit card or placed in small envelopes usually available from the cashier, which would be passed onto the therapist. 

12. Following a treatment don't jump right back into the rat race. Allow yourself a little time to relax and enjoy the moments of calm. Chill in our Serenity Lounge and sip herbal teas which also help flush out toxins.

We are a pretty easy going bunch, keen to please and intent on making your spa experience as pleasurable as possible. Please don’t be embarrassed or hesitant should you have any other questions, comments or concerns, all will be treated confidentially.

Otherwise, enjoy.

Toüché spa in Pune, offers a friendly environment for spa visitors and guests to experience our organic spa Skin care treatments, therapeutic spa massages, royal couple spa escapades and other spa services.





Zero Tolerance Policy


At Toüché, we follow a Zero Tolerance policy of female harassment & exploitation. Under no circumstances any unethical behavior towards women is tolerated or entertained. Any such provocation or signals results in immediate termination of service along with full payment or without any refund. Unruly behaviour or non-co-operation or non-compliance in adhering to the policy attracts legal and criminal charges as per the Maharashtra Police Penal Code Sec. 354 & 509 and Indian Constitutional Legislation for Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013.


Spa Toüché Policies -



Reservations –  
Spa services are available by appointment 7 days a week from 10 AM till 10 PM. The last appointment of the day should at-least start by 8 PM. We suggest making all  reservations at least 72 hours in advance to reserve your preferred time. Call 020-65102060 / 9923800300

.If you wish, we will try our best to fix up your appointment with your preferred therapist subject to availability.

Walk-ins are always welcome, as we sometimes do have last minute openings. If the day and time you request is not available, we will be happy to add you to our cancellation list and contact you with any openings.

Appointments –
Being on time for appointments are greatly appreciated, So that you may receive your full service and so our other guests are not inconvenienced. Arriving a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your appointment allows you time to check in. You may relax in our Serenity lounge and enjoy beverages prior to or after services.

Cancellations –
We request 24 hours cancellation notice for guests scheduled for a single service and 48 hours notice for guests scheduled for two or more services. In case of No shows or appointments cancelled in less than the required time, the priority rating of the concerned client will go down for future appointments and no refund would be made for online booking.

Late Arrivals –
If you arrive late for your service, we will make every effort to accommodate your full spa service. If other appointments are scheduled immediately after yours, your spa session will be shortened and you will remain responsible for the full spa service price.

Heaven of Tranquillity –
Our Spa environment is dedicated to providing a relaxed space for your benefit so please help us to ensure that we maintain it. Please respect other spa guests’ rights to privacy and serenity.
Our spa is cell phone-free, child-free and non-smoking zone.
Spa Attire –
At Toüché we provide robes, slippers, disposable undergarments and any other amenities like hair dryers, ear buds, etc. required by you during your visit.

Right to Privacy –
It is never required that you are unclothed in front of anyone at our wellness spa. Our staff is professionally trained in proper draping to ensure your modesty is never compromised. Our therapists will only expose the areas being worked on.  Disposable undergarments and wraps will be provided at the locker rooms.
Your personal information shared with us is 100% safe. It will never be shared across with any third party.

Responsibility of Guests' Belongings –
The Spa provides individual lockers to each guest. For valuable goods we do have safe lockers in the treatment rooms as well. Still we recommend our guests not to carry valuable goods or ornaments when visiting the Spa. Toüché  is not responsible in any way for the loss of any of the clients’ belongings.

Complimentary Steam / Sauna –
With each Full Body massage therapy or Body Scrubs & Wraps, we provide complimentary 15 Min. Steam and Sauna usage. Subject to availability at the given time.

Right of Admission/Service Reserved –
Toüché  reserves the right to decline, administer and/or discontinue any treatment. The management also reserves the right for admission into the spa.
We retain the right to refuse service to anyone that appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other substances.
Any Clients/ Members who commit any offence on the Spa premises and acts in any manner that is offensive or abusive to the staff or guests their Membership will be terminated. No sexual connotation to any staff will be tolerated. Your therapist may terminate the service, without refund, if inappropriate language or actions occur.
Legal action will be taken if any harassment is reported against any guest/staff. We strictly do not permit and condone any sexual activities in the spa premises.
Minor (below 15 years) will not be permitted for body treatments. Guests under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent.

Gift Cards / Gift Certificates –
Toüché Spa gift cards are as beautiful to give as they are to receive. Gift cards are available for any treatment(s) or in any amount. Gift cards are valid for services or products only and may be purchased at the facility, by phone, e-mail or website. Gift Cards are not refundable and must be presented at the time service is rendered. They are to be treated as cash and are therefore not redeemable if lost or stolen. Gifts Cards are redeemable at the monetary value of the service at the time of purchase.

Client Satisfaction Policy –
Our purpose is to provide an extraordinary spa experience for our clients. Our  team members are prepared to make every effort to assure your satisfaction. If we fail to provide you with satisfactory customer service, please contact the Front Desk immediately at Toüché Spa.

We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, and local checks (with ID) for all services rendered.
Thanks for your patience and co-operating with your Spa.



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