Body Polishes are gentle overall body exfoliation using naturally extracted plant & flower extracts blended with anti-oxidant rich, cold pressed base oils and organic sugar or finely grounded sea salt or other plant extract powders. This spa therapy removes the dead skin cells & stimulates blood circulation. Body Scrubs are naturally produced fruit & flower seeds in a cream base which exfoliates and hydrates the skin leaving it soft, supple. We recommend body scrubs/polishes once every fortnight as a maintenance ritual to retain the health of the skin.


Thai Whitening Scrub  -    (Duration : 45 mins.) (Price : Rs. 1499)

A blend of rose hip oil & vanilla will delight the senses while gently scrubbing away dry dull skin It`s gentle exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells and debris from the upper epidermal layer of the skin. Ideal for the pigmented skin

Arabica Coffee body Scrub  -    (Duration : 45 mins.) (Price : Rs. 1499)

Arabica coffee body scrub helps increase lymphatic drainage as well as helps eliminate toxins and cellulite deposits, leaving skin firmer & silky smooth. Great for Weight watchers!


Vinotherapy: Red Wine Body Scrub  -    (Duration : 45 mins.) (Price : Rs. 1999)

This scrub is designed to gently polish your skin to a rosy glow It contains powerful anti-oxidants from red wine extract, grape seed oil & vitamin E & other therapeutic ingredients making this an incredibly healing, anti-aging body scrub




Body Wraps at Toüché begins with a body Scrub for skin exfoliation followed by a massage with a highly nourishing body lotion. Then an all-natural floral or marine extracts rich purifying body Mask is applied to the whole body to ensure the skin is soothed and rebalanced. Its antiseptic, skin toning and nourishing properties provide a full body enhancement of look and feel. Suggested frequency is once every month.


Gold Ojas Body Wrap    -   (Duration : 75 mins.) (Price : Rs. 2249)

Much as gold is used as a conductor in electronics, gold exerts an influence on electrons present in the cells. It rapidly warms the skin to provide a comforting sensation while helping increase oxygenation, balancing the acidity of the body tissue fluids and freeing the skin of impurities.  The heat energy also helps release negative ions and rid skin cells of free radicals resulting in banishing blemishes and fading away the age spots. The skin becomes genuinely luminous and provides a feeling of complete inner and outer radiance. We utilize the actual 24-Karat gold dust to leave a glowing look on your skin and the sensual Ylang - Ylang to mesmerize your senses and also of those who will get close to you.


Vinotherapy:  Red Wine remineralising therapeutic Wrap    -   (Duration : 90 mins.) (Price : Rs. 2999)

Red wine contains high levels of antioxidant polyphenols, which are beneficial in keeping your skin healthy.  The stimulating properties of red wine soften wrinkles and fine lines and is altogether very useful in battling the effects of ageing skin. This high performance Red Wine Mediterranean formula Wrap has outstanding benefits for a more radiant skin, while giving back freshness and suppleness to dull and damaged skin. Let the magic of Vinotherapy work on your skin and senses.


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