A brief intro of the Founders :-


Avilash Behera - Operations, Marketing & Sales Head - With vast experience in international software sales and day to day hospitality operations, he seamlessly manages several spa sites at one point of time along with unrelenting strive for achieving maximum efficiency.



Avinash Behera - Concept, Design & HR Head - With diverse skills & experiences, he designs everything from Spa interiors to Spa brand identity to unique spa experiences. Being a die-hard healthy lifestyle proponent, Spas are very dear to him and so are the Spa staff & therapists who he believes are the very soul of the spas.

About the Company's Philosophy :-

We are a group of entrepreneurs driven towards creating sustainable & scientific wellness ventures across India, Maximizing on the untapped potential of spa hospitality for the community to embrace a stress free lifestyle and harness the power of youth through skill training.



With our diverse backgrounds ranging from engineering to brand design to marketing to international sales to interior designing to hospitality operations to HR & skill development to adventure backpacking to remote tribal art hunting to experience design, the assimilation of all that into the spa & wellness sector made us one of the pioneers in the industry. We took the spa & wellness to the Indian Consumers repackaged in pricing, positioning, perception, branding, sensibilities, experiences & rituals. The spa understanding & awareness generation through articles, posts & adverts, in both print & online domains remains one of our core strength. Unmatched hospitality & attention to details within an operative efficient & standardized working protocol model forms the base of our spas that make spa pampering/luxury affordable. The other end of spas, perhaps the most important constituent of Spas are skilled career driven workforce who share the same vision. Our in-house spa training academy 'SSS - Success Spa School' & our spa sector employment opportunity awareness campaigns works towards creating & nurturing outstanding Spa professionals. Come & join us in the spa & wellness revolution and shed that stress off.


A Venture by Wellness4All Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

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