Attention to Detail :-


Attention to detail is at the universal mantra of spa hospitality. From folding the towels to blending of essential oils to setting up the spa tray to each massage stroke to selecting every organic spa ingredient to every guest interaction, each one of them is handled towards achieving perfection.

Our Superior Hospitality :-


We understand Spa Hospitality & how to truly eliminate the grip of the dominant stress cycle.



Spa is a sanctuary where you throw away all your worries & apprehensions, do not have to ponder about what next, and do not hesitate at all to become comfortable & relax completely. This is done with stimulating & soothing down all your 5 senses. This is when you start de-stressing with sinking into the serene spa ambiance. With the aid of the therapeutic therapies you relax further and you actually start letting go of yourself. Both physical & mental stress starts to dissipate away. As you completely get submerged into the experience, you tend to unlock the deep seated tension both in your muscles & mind. Soon you drift away into an emotional experience. And this is how you de-stress completely. For this experience to actually manifest, It is extremely important that your spa sojourn is completely soothing with feeling of utmost luxury & pampering.

Superior attention to detail & standardized protocols ensures a hiccup free experience for our spa Guests.

Nothing is ever taken for granted. Every guest is supremely important & every time it is an emergency which demands to be always on your toes and providing the top notch hospitality without a glitch. Tackling sudden issues & problems and coming up instantly with suitable solutions is an integral part of our staff training procedures. We pride ourselves at our hospitality standards.

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