Advanced Organic Facials help restore fairness, shine, softness and balance to the face in the chaotic & polluted city life. Our skin specialist will determine which face type you belong to and suggest accordingly. All of our products are 100% natural based and alcohol free. To maintain a healthy and beautiful face, we recommend an organic spa facial every fortnight. At Toüché, each facial is accompanied by a head-neck-shoulder and hands massage.

Exotic Thai AHA Whitening Facial     -    

(Duration : 60 mins.) (Price : Rs. 1499)

Especially formulated using essential Thai - Herbal ingredients, Finest Extracts of [natural AHA] help to renew skin surface naturally by gently exfoliating, helping to diminish skin's imperfections, plus restore the skin's natural moisture and strengthen the skin. Your face will become white, smoother and healthier


Vinotherapy: Red wine & Rose Facial     -    

(Duration : 60 mins.) (Price : Rs. 1999)

The Signature Red Wine & Roses facial utilizes high performance Red Wine Scrub, Hydrating Red Wine massage cream rich in antioxidants and bioflavonoid, and a Luxurious Rose toning mask. Red wine contains high levels of antioxidant polyphenols, which are beneficial in keeping your skin healthy. Red wine fights free radicals, stimulates blood circulation, rejuvenates, increases skin elasticity, eases the nerves, firms, whitens, and leaves your skin bright and glowing. These stimulating properties make red wine soften wrinkles and fine lines and are altogether very useful in battling the effects of aging skin.


Golden Glow facial     -    

(Duration : 60 mins.) (Price : Rs. 1999)

When it comes to shine on your skin, nothing can beat Suvarna therapy. We utilize the actual 24-Karat gold dust to leave a glowing look on your skin along with reduced wrinkles and the sensual Ylang - Ylang to mesmerize your senses and also of those who will get close to you. A must before any event or party to erase the signs of Aging and for that extra special glow. Recommended for All skin types.

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