Touche Mobile Spa Events

We introduce premium Mobile Spa that can easily transform your event into an unforgettable experience for your guests.

Be it the annual corporate function, or your dream wedding gala or your celebration parties, big or small event, we know how to spice it up with our premium mobile spa offering which boasts of a luxurious mobile setup, supreme spa hospitality delivered by highly skilled prrofessional staff & above all magical therapies for your guests using state of the art technology & the best organic ingredients to instantly relax and truly enjoy themselves.





Mobile Spa Events by Spa Touche

Touche Mobile Spa Events are a sure-shot addition to your Event to make it an absolute success & an unforgetable experience for your guests.


Adding a touch of spa serenity to your event goes a long way in making it a classy standout event. The guest experience is enhanced greatly as is the level of comfort experienced by the guests.

Mobile Spa Events can be modelled with customized branding, colours & elements for a variety of Occasions & celebrations :
Wedding Affairs - Pre, On Ceremony & Post
Corporate Events - Annual Galas, Employee appreciation events, Dealer-network events,
Product Launches - New Brand launch functions, New service activations, Media PR events,
Charity & Fundraising events - When it comes to events with a social purpose, the serenity & touch of class cannot be seconded by anything else. And we offer a  special discount for events with a social cause.
All of Your Celebrations - intimate to small to big personal occasions. Every function or gathering can be transformed into an amazing spa party. Anniversaries, Baby showers, Kitty parties, Dinner parties, whichever & whatever the reason... We have the magic wand to sprinkle the stars around it.

Efficient model, compact setup, easy to rollout & de-rig, & state of the art technology enables us to provide our premium Mobile spa Event offerings at very affordable prices. Currently we provide the following mobile spa packages :
1.) Orient Mobile Spa Event
2.) Luxe Mobile Spa Event
(We provide the offer constituents, prices & other details upon request.)

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