Welcome to our Foot Spa. All the stress of the world be it mental or be it physical, it runs through our head and the body, then seeps down through our legs to accumulate under the feet. Yes our Feet ! Our pair of feet takes enormous amount of stress every single day. A relaxing foot spa is the minimum thanks that should be mandatory to thank our over-worked feet. Give the stress a break and pamper your feet to some much needed care.


Foot Reflexology employs the ancient asian technique of nerve ending stimulation to release stres and improve blood circulation. As the nerve ending points are stimulated at the base of the foot, the corresponding organ rejuvenates. It ends with a relaxing foot massage that guarantees to make you feel like walking on clouds.

Foot Reflexology    -   (Duration : 65 mins) (Price : Rs. 999)

Start with the feet pampering with a floral foot soak leading to application of pressure to the feet, to revitalize the corresponding parts of the body. Ends with a soothing foot massage.

Quick Foot Relaxer    -   (Duration : 35 mins) (Price : Rs. 599)

Nerve endings on the foot sole are stimulated to rejuvenate your body and provide a profound relaxation.

Nail Care at Touche is all about intensive care and nourishment of your nails & cuticles. We employ the best nail care skills along with relaxing foot soak and a light foot massage to give your feet a proper spa care. Available in two refrshing variants, expreience the most relaxing nail care.


Spa Manicure    -   (Duration : 40 mins) (Price : Rs. 499)

Spa Pedicure    -   (Duration : 60 mins) (Price : Rs. 699)

Variations :

Refreshing Lavender    -   A lavender aromatherapy soak will soften your hands & feet and refresh your cuticle

Relaxing Citrus    -   Freshly sliced oranges dipped in our citrus scrub are used to exfoliate and add antioxidants to the skin


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